Move Your Off Duty Requests Online, Seamlessly

Make it simple for citizens to get local law enforcement support for community or school events, business security, and more. With our Off Duty Details Management Solution, you’ll transform your process into a paperless, automated, and user-friendly process that’s available 24/7 to the public.


Online Request Booking 24/7

Allow the public to request a police officer for special duty support, like community or school events, at any time.

Instant Payment Processing

Collect payment for paid and special duty requests through with secure, online payment processing.

Secure Administrative Area

Easily navigate the secure administrative dashboard, and set admin permissions for your department.

Manage and Track Submissions

Assign the right police officer to each special duty request, and abide by union rules with customized coding that keeps the entire process fair and transparent.

How It Works

Online Request Portal

Make it easy for the public to request a Paid Duty officer while streamlining your manual processes. Track and store public requests, automatically generate e-mail confirmations, and export results for reports. By moving your Paid Duty requests online, users can submit a request 24/7.

women using laptop

Police Officer using laptop

Review and Assign

See new off-duty requests, and allow administrators to make edits when required to ensure the correct police officer is assigned for the request. Either post open requests to your department for officers to register, or automatically assign them based on your Active Directory schedule or union rules.

Collect Payment

Once an officer is scheduled and all details are finalized, the public can pay through a secure online payment processing system, and will receive email confirmation for their booking.

paying online

using mobile

Integrations and Hosting

  • Officer management on portal integrates with your Active Directory Schedule validation against your internal time and attendance system if available.
  • Text or e-mail officers for last minute paid duties
  • Time sheets within Paid Duty system can be written to internal time and attendance system if available
  • Hosting options are available through us or internally on your network, or you can choose a combination of both.

Ready to Start Enhancing Your Online Service to Your Citizens?